VibeCatch launches new tool for modern HR management

By Editor September 23, 2015

results.pngFinnish startup VibeCatch has launched a new tool for modern human resources management which solves the common problem of linking HR to actual business goals. VibeCatch reflects the growing trend for continuous, user-friendly employee engagement.

The VibeCatch service lets employers send out a weekly survey to staff, who answer “how was your week?” – or any custom question – with one easy click. It’s the sort of system that major companies like Accenture and Deloitte are rolling out to their offices worldwide.

“Increasingly, employers want flexible, organic ways to connect with their staff” says VibeCatch CEO Juha Huttunen. “There’s a generational shift in these big legacy corporations away from conducting laborious annual surveys of their workforce, to adopting a much lighter approach to staff management and wellbeing. With VibeCatch we give companies big and small the tools to engage continuously with their staff in a modern way” he says.

With VibeCatch, employees can let their bosses know how they’re feeling about the job, and leave comments, all with strict anonymity. Instead of having to wait for an annual or bi-annual formal staff appraisal process with face-to-face interviews and lengthy questionnaires, managers can see at a glance, every week, how their team is doing. The beauty of VibeCatch is its simplicity, facilitating the type of ongoing comments and dialogue that employees value.

VibeCatch will also incorporate the quality of working life (QWL) survey method of leading academic Marko Kesti, from the University of Lapland, into their product in order to provide more accurate and better results. Kesti’s QWL method is the only scientifically tested job engagement survey method which can be linked to improve a company’s financial performance.

The tool provides all the information HR management needs to make the right choices and help the company perform better – both with employee engagement and financially. By asking the right questions VibeCatch can help you increase employee satisfaction and provide clear predictions on the improvement of financial performance based on how much the employee satisfaction rises.

“The question for your staff might be simple, like ‘how are you feeling'” explains Huttunen, “but you can also ask something more complex, perhaps about a specific project or problem. That way, you as an employer can be connected to the staff and get feedback that will be actually valuable to how you manage the team”.

VibeCatch is a desktop service, with full integration to Slack, the popular messaging app for teams. With the basic free version of VibeCatch, employers can ask one question per week to their staff. Subscribers can unlock additional features like unlimited questions, categorized poll results, templates from HR professionals and feedback analysis for a set price per employee.

About VibeCatch
VibeCatch is a Finnish HR technology company providing organizations with a way to measure employee satisfaction continuously and automatically. The company’s product is a software with which companies can send their employees light and easy feedback questionnaires on a weekly or monthly frequency and focus on reacting to feedback rather than collecting it. VibeCatch was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. More information: