Video interview service, LikeLive, to become part of Kira Talent, industry leader in higher education talent assessment

By Editor September 17, 2015

KiraTalent logo

Kira Talent, the company behind Kira Academic, the video-based talent assessment platform designed for university and college admissions, has announced that video interviewing service, LikeLive, will become a part of Kira Talent. Through this deal, Kira Talent adds over 40 schools to its client roster and continues to improve admissions by enabling more schools to gain a holistic view of applicants using their proven methodology and video interview capabilities.

“This is a huge step forward for us as it further supports our commitment to helping schools identify students that are the absolute best fit for programs,” said Kira Talent’s CEO, Craig Morantz. “Since launching the Kira Academic platform, we’ve added more than 100 schools, and we’ve retained every single one because of the results they’re seeing in the quality of their cohort. We’ve dramatically extended our reach and will continue to provide our unique approach to admissions to even more academic institutions around the world.”

LikeLive’s customers will have access to exclusive Kira Academic features, including integrations with popular higher education CRMs, and the ability to test applicants with timed video and written response questions. Schools will also benefit from their adoption of the Kira Methodology, which enables admissions teams to define the attributes most important to their programs and design an application that accurately identifies students that possess them. Using the methodology, schools avoid common issues like admissions bias and are able to identify students that are the right fit for programs.

“Through this deal, all of our customers will experience Kira’s unique offerings, giving them the tools they need to build a stronger, more diverse cohort,” said Bill Barnett, CEO of LikeLive. “We strongly believe in a brighter future for the admissions process, and under Kira’s guidance, we’ll get there even quicker.”

Kira Academic is currently being used by schools in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Over the next eight weeks, LikeLive clients will be transitioning over to the Kira Academic platform.