Virtual Reality startup WarDucks to launch Greek mythology rollercoaster game

By Espacio Team Espacio Team November 28, 2017

One of VR’s most exciting developers, WarDucks, have announced a new game set to be released this Christmas where rollercoaster rides meet Greek Mythology. 

Nikki Lannen- CEO at WarDucks

The startup, based in Ireland, announced the quirky idea this month. Gameplay will see players speed down a rickety rollercoaster track – all while bumping into characters like the Minotaur, Hades, and Zeus’s father, Kronos. 

Due to be released late December for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR, WarDucks have promised the game will be a real treat. 

“We love rollercoasters here at WarDucks but felt what is out there is lacking in certain ways,” said Nikki Lannen, CEO at WarDucks. 

“Many of the rollercoasters available are not focused on a virtual environment and are simply badly built replicas of what is available in real life. 

“We feel as though we have built something which gives the thrill of a rollercoaster but also provides an engaging, interesting experience at the same time.”

Crazy enough for you? It will be. And WarDucks have the credentials to prove it. 

The developers, who boast some of the most talented and experienced developers in the industry, released the Samsung hit Sneaky Bears earlier this year. That number allows players to battle through a landscape built exclusively for virtual reality, gunning-down teddy bears with a nerf gun. 

They may sound eccentric, but WarDucks have already released three top-selling titles, so this number is set to confirm their place as one of the most currently innovative developers in VR.