VisualCV Redesigns Its Platform With Better Facilities For Resume Creation

By Tim Hinchliffe June 2, 2017

VisualCV, a creator of professional resumes and online portfolios, has rebuilt their product to better suit the job-switching trend of today’s society. As more workers change jobs more frequently and freelancing jobs increase, people need to constantly rearrange their CV. VisualCV’s upgrade allows users to build and access their resume from their phone, making it easy to access and update their resume.

Despite the mobile experience being a relatively small device to make documental changes, the upgraded platform facilitates resume customization. Through their platform users can choose from a variety of industry-approved templates and easily create multiple profile versions. It is simple to manage the versions of the one CV to modify them for varying job applications. A user can then track their results through VisualCV to learn when their resume is viewed or downloaded.


James Clift, CEO of VisualCV

“First impressions are important when it comes to getting the job you want,” says James Clift, CEO of VisualCV. “This can be solved with a simple well designed resume, that’s succinct and shows the employer exactly why you’re the best fit. Our aim at VisualCV is to provide the right tools to make the changes our users need to leave that lasting first impression.”

According to the Balance, a source of personal finance and career information, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times. 87 percent of workers within the age of 25 to 29 had an average length of employment of fewer than five years with a similar percentage for those within the ages of 30 to 34.

Since launching in 2014, VisualCV has helped 1.5 million individuals create an effective online resume and has had 120,000 downloads in their mobile app.