Wing AI Announces Partnership with KiwiBot to Boost Access to Affordable Deliveries in the Pandemic

By Sam Brake Guia August 12, 2020

Wing AI announces its partnership with KiwiBot to help make consumer deliveries easier, safer, and more affordable in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wing is a 24/7 mobile assistant app powered by humans and artificial intelligence. It is the only on-demand concierge app that learns about its users to better tailor and improve its services. Wing AI can automate and complete any task, so long as it is legal and physically possible; saving users’ time, increasing productivity, and making life more convenient. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a strong network of partners, Wing AI is the next generation of assistants. 

KiwiBot is a bot delivery service for local commerce around the world. The company partners with small businesses to fulfill last-mile deliveries using semi-autonomous robots. Through smart technology, KiwiBot seamlessly operates within a neural network among urban landscapes, offering a cheaper, environmentally-friendly alternative to cars. KiwiBot also facilitates contactless deliveries, which in the COVID-19 pandemic, is a new necessity. 

Wing AI is always looking for partners to promote deliveries in a hygienic and cost-effective manner. Recently, KiwiBot started a pilot phase in Silicon Valley’s capital of San Jose, helping send food and other important items to underserved communities in the area, without risking the spread of infection. To encourage safe deliveries, Wing AI is joining KiwiBot’s San Jose pilot and offering deliveries for only a 1 dollar fee. The operating systems of the Wing AI app will interface with KiwiBot’s robots, meaning users can access the bot service directly from the app, and bring goods to the doorsteps of people most in need. 

Both Wing AI and KiwiBot utilize AI capabilities, as well as innovative technology to ensure some of the most vulnerable members of society have access to food during the pandemic. The two companies partnering is a step towards using technology to make consumer’s lives more convenient and affordable.

Felipe Chávez, CEO of KiwiBot, says that “We are building a robot platform that is going to allow any person or any business to offer a delivery service for just $1.”

Roland Polzin, Chief Marketing Office at Wing AI, adds how “Our vision is to bring cutting-edge technology to people and unburden them from menial tasks, so everyone can focus on what really matters to them.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company