“Xchange 2019” User Group Conference, Hosted by rfxcel, to Share Knowledge on the Future of Supply Chain Technology

By Sam Brake Guia March 25, 2019

rfxcel, a global provider of supply chain track and trace solutions, announces today that it will host its Xchange 2019 User Group Conference at the Grand Sierra Nevada Resort in Reno, Nevada, on May 8 and 9. Current and prospective customers and partners from the public and private sectors are invited to join rfxcel’s team to celebrate shared accomplishments, forge new connections, and ignite the future of supply chain technology.

Xchange 2019 is a unique opportunity for companies to learn how emerging technologies such as environmental monitoring, machine learning, SaaS, and blockchain can help their business. rfxcel will highlight its latest products, including rfxcel Traceability System 7.0, Environmental Monitoring 2.0, and its new Dispensing Solution, using small group training sessions to demonstrate how these innovations can improve business operations in the pharmaceutical sector. Company executives and prominent industry figures will share their perspectives and insight, allowing attendees to provide direct feedback that will help the company to better serve its customers.

The pharmaceutical industry is the cornerstone of rfxcel’s business; the company knows heavy regulation can make compliance challenging for businesses as they conduct their day-to-day operations. rfxcel specializes in developing technology that eases its customers’ “pain points” and reduces the burden of manually managing compliance by keeping technology ahead of the curve.

“Keeping products safe and supply chains secure has become a daily task for global brands,” said rfxcel CEO Glenn Abood. “Some of our customers have been live on our system for over 10 years, and Xchange 2019 is an opportunity to gather all our current and prospective customers, partners, and friends to learn from each other, maximize their supply chain security investment, and increase value by meeting goals beyond compliance.”

Sessions at the two-day event will cover industry best practices in quality and security, examine the impact of emerging technologies, and provide important industry updates, including about U.S. regulations. rfxcel will also facilitate discussions about learning from supply chain traceability in other industries, the latest global compliance and security trends, and the intersection of the public and private sectors.

Xchange 2019 is also a premier networking event where peers can connect with new people from a diverse pool of professionals. After a day of learning, sharing, and discussing, attendees can relax and socialize at evening gatherings hosted by rfxcel, including exclusive access to the resort’s expansive arcade, a private concert, a poolside cocktail hour, and a closing awards ceremony and dinner.

Another important facet of Xchange 2019 will be open discussion about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 2013 Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which will help attendees prepare for compliance and track and trace regulations in the life sciences. As rfxcel provides end-to-end traceability, it has invited speakers representing the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical supply chain, including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and pharmacies/retailers.

“As a solution provider, we want to bring businesses the strategic and technological capabilities to stop growing diversion and counterfeiting,” CEO Abood said. “We also want to help optimize their operations and customer satisfaction. Xchange 2019 is a place for that.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company