Young blood for sale and other spooky concepts from the startup world this Halloween!

By Sam Brake Guia October 22, 2018

This month has historically been a time for spooks and scares dating way back to Halloween’s Pagan origins. While the scariest things to come out of the startup world might be Hushme, a startup which produced a device to help you a look like Hannibal Lecture if he somehow made a cameo in Blade Runner.

However, other startups relish this time of year, such as Kaos Kustom Fangs which doesn’t try to cover up clients mouths, they draw attention to them. According to Inc, this designer fangs startup produces several thousand fang sets a year, which range in price from $69.98 (classic pointy canines) to $475.98 (the full-mouth ferocity of Michael Corvin, a character in the film series Underworld).

Image taken from RedBull

However, one startup is entering the market with a new idea which might make your skin crawl. According to Inc, Physician Dr. Jesse Karmazin is the founder of Ambrosia, LLC which plans to open a clinic in elder-rich New York City, to carry out blood plasma transfusions. Essentially, Karmazin’s team will take the plasma from young individuals (those 25 or less) and pump it into people who are older, with the hope that the transfusion will help recipients combat aging or, even better, reverse it.

“It’s like an entire set of new blood,” Karmazin tells Inverse.

This operation is cutting edge to say the least. There is still heated debate as to whether or not this treatment will deliver the health benefits that it hopes, and there is also a lot of controversy towards the potential impact of this startup. More specifically, will this create a class divide between the poor selling their blood to the rich in a country where so many individuals already can’t afford the treatment they desperately need?

However, fortunately, there are some far greater creations and products coming out of the startup world, besides futuristic looking cannibals and teenage blood vendors.

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So you can stay in the comfort and safety of your own home this Halloween and enjoy top quality spooks and thrills thanks to Unreel.

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