CheckMyBus partners with ClickBus and launches new website in Mexico

By Editor July 12, 2016

Nuremberg / Mexico City, July 12, 2016 – The leading international meta-search-engine for intercity buses CheckMyBus is further expanding its international portfolio by adding thousands of bus routes in Mexico. The country represents the second market in which the search engine and the bus ticket platform ClickBus cooperate to offer international travelers easy access to a fast-growing digital bus network.

CheckMyBus currently offers more than 20,000 destinations and millions of departures per week mainly in Europe, the US and Latin America. Since entering the Brazilian market has proven successful for CheckMyBus and ClickBus, a Rocket Internet venture, the collaboration is now extended to Mexico.

The addition of Mexican destinations provided by 26 local bus companies further expands the international network of CheckMyBus. Users searching for a bus in Mexico are now able to compare the cheapest prices and can use the convenient ClickBus booking technology to buy their ticket.

Simultaneously CheckMyBus also launches its new domain, which allows Mexican users to compare millions of bus connections around the world in their own language.

“Offering great bus content in Mexico, thanks to our partnership with ClickBus, is an important milestone for our growth strategy in Latin America. Mexican tourism is as popular as ever and we can now offer travelers from all over the world a convenient, easy-to-use and multi-language service helping them to find the best bus connections”, explains Marc Hofmann, CEO of CheckMyBus.

The partnership allows ClickBus to distribute its Mexican portfolio via the international websites of CheckMyBus, making it available in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil and the United States. While local providers take advantage of being able to offer their connections in large parts of the world, users benefit from the convenience of a multi-language search engine granting them access to connections in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The new collaboration is also particularly beneficial for US travelers as CheckMyBus combines cross-border connections from the US and the newly added domestic connections within Mexico on one platform, enabling the customer to save time and money when looking for vacations in the south.

“The Mexican bus travel market is extremely fragmented and since we have done all the groundwork of connecting the bus companies to our platform, through this partnership, we can offer foreigners all the information they need to compare and buy their bus tickets online and in advance. This way, we will help them avoid possible hassles they could have due to the language barrier and lack of experience traveling around Mexico”, says Marcus Paiva, Managing Director of ClickBus Mexico.

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