Classe365 brings big data to classrooms to help improve education efficiency

By Editor April 5, 2016

Introducing Classe365 – incorporating big data in education

The future is one heavily driven by data, and commercial enterprises are taking advantage of this through business analytics. Unfortunately, a few years ago, the same could not be said about the education sector. Enter Classe365. Classe365 is a cloud-based student information and learning management system that uses big data to assist institutions and teachers in providing efficient and student-centered educational services.

Classe365 was born in 2013 when Founders Nandan Keerthi and Vanishree Ranganath realized the potential of using data analytics to improve the quality of education. Keerthi, an experienced entrepreneur who has worked for technology giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Vanishree, a product evangelist having worked at FairFax Media observed that data has been used to improve services in other sectors but not in education. Recognizing this gap, Keerthi says, “Classe365 was borne out of our desire to use technology and data to improve educational services.” In this so-called golden era of knowledge, even the best education systems fail to produce optimal results, primarily because no single system or approach suits all learners. Hence, Classe365 uses more specific and qualitative measures of student performance to help schools identify problems and come up with the best solutions. The best part? It all happens in the Cloud.

Harnessing the combined power of both data analytics and cloud-based technology,Classe365 includes several features that benefit both the institutions and the students. It provides tools to track attendance and grades, monitor performance and student engagement in individual subjects, and even keep track of the students’ health records. Another key feature of Classe365 is Behaviour Analysis. The system alerts the school, teachers, and parents on potential changes in student behaviour based on various inputs such as attendance and involvement. This alert mechanism allows parents and the school to look out for symptoms for depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Moreover, Classe365 helps schools forge strategic partnerships with the community. It offers features that allow the institution to track its alumni pool, conduct mentorship programs, or get their students employed through placement and recruitment skills. Schools can even use the platform for fundraising purposes Keerthi adds that “Connectivity is a key asset in education services, and through Classe365, we aim to help schools not only manage their institution, but also their relationships with the public and other stakeholders.”  Furthermore, the cloud-based platform allows for integration with other applications such as Google Apps, Office365, and Dropbox, enabling teachers and students to stay connected at all times.

With more than 3000 active subscribers from small institutions like ballet and language academies to large universities, Keerthi believes that only better things are in store for Classe365. He says, “The tech industry has done it. Businesses has done it. Now’s the time for us to prove that education institutions can use the power of big data to revolutionize education as well.”

About Classe365

Classe365 mission is to provide education institutions tools that can shape the future student. Classe365 provides a unified approach to education management that include a Student Information System and Learning Management System. Classe365 scalable and plug and play modules can enhance institution’s administrative efficiency and innovation footprint without impacting on large capital expenditure associated in acquiring and managing software.