Lightning Pitch: New Wallet – iPhone case + wallet

By Editor June 1, 2015

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COMPANY: New Wallet


Bluetooth-enabled. Organized. Protected. iPhone case + wallet.


Introducing New Wallet: Your wallet + phone case + bluetooth key tracker.

The New Wallet team set out to design a product that understands how busy we are with work, family, fitness…with life. New Wallet combines your phone and wallet into one simple device that keeps you organized, protected, and connected to your car keys.

No more digging through your purse or wallet to find what you need. No more dropping your phone when trying to carry too many things. No more losing your wallet, phone, or car keys.

With your support, we can arm you with a product that will literally simplify your life!

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Karen Crawford, Co-Founder: With 20 years of experience in research and finance with a focus on tech startups, VC firms, and corporate development, Karen partnered with her husband Jack and co-founder Duane Wilson to launch New Wallet in 2015. Karen has led company operations from idea to prototype to product to this Kickstarter campaign — and is working with Duane to ensure timely delivery of the products to customers this year. Karen earned an MBA and a master’s in Taxation from the University of Denver.

Duane Wilson, Co-Founder: With 20 years’ experience in software and technology companies with a focus on startups and building new products/teams within large enterprises, including Capital One, Ofoto/Kodak, Playphone, Openwave, and more. Duane is a gadget geek and active purchaser of Kickstarter projects and got the hardware bug! Duane watched that Seinfeld episode, the one with George’s wallet and thought… “Yeah, this thing does suck,” and immediately tossed the stuffed and torn relic and started going commando (wallet wise), keys, phone and a few cards and cash just loose in the pocket. This didn’t work out too well, so after much searching and trying out dozens of wallets he resigned himself to as minimal a wallet as he could find. Duane was a guest at Demo Day and heard Karen give a talk and show off an early prototype of New Wallet and got in touch; things have been moving fast ever since. Duane earned his BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and has been addicted to the Internet and mobile apps for a very long time. J2ME anyone?

Jack Crawford Jr., Co-Founder/Chairman: Jack carried around a prototype for 2 years asking any willing listener how they would improve on New Wallet and what features they would want to see in a great product that solves our problem of carrying too much stuff! Jack is a Venture Capitalist, endurance athlete and a serial entrepreneur. Jack also works with the team at Velocity Venture Capital to run the Entrepreneurs Showcase accelerator program for startups at the one acre Entrepreneurs Campus in California. Jack earned his BS in Accounting from Arizona State University, is a graduate of Harvard’s venture capital executive program, and is a Fellow with the Kauffman Fellows Society.

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HEADQUARTERS: Folsom, California



TWITTER: @YourNewWallet