Lightning Pitch: Pollseye – Review and share products in little 30 second videos

By Editor August 6, 2015

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COMPANY: Pollseye


Review and share products in little 30 second videos.


Pollseye is a tool to share our interactions with products and services through 30 second videos. Through short videos we want people to express whether they rate the experience as a #fail or a #win. Each ‘video poll’ gets added to a related playlist. So every time a user searches for say Omega watches, he or she gets a playlist of user videos on Omega watches.

Users can also choose interests ranging from tech and auto to fashion and lifestyle, and receive daily video reviews on their fields of interest.

The problem with written review sites is that they are so biased or fake that it really becomes hard for people to make informed decisions. We wondered why nobody has yet reinvented the review platform.

Our mission is to make an informed world and we believe video reviews can go a long way doing just that!


Abhinav (CEO) and Ashwin (CTO) are the founders of the company. They met each other in 2005 as classmates in Computer Engineering. They dropped out to start their first venture—Innoz (India’s offline search engine, SmsGyan) with two other founders. SmsGyan went on to answer 1 billion queries and was economically successful. Due to difference of vision they parted ways with the other two founders and started an arts incubator—Springr, which went to on to become a rave in Southern India and the music scene in India. The music scene being in a very nascent stage, they realized the economic infeasibility of the idea in late 2014. That’s when they decided to focus on mobile videos and ended up creating Pollseye. 
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HEADQUARTERS: Bangalore, Karnataka, India



TWITTER: @pollseyeapp