Lightning Pitch: Totem – Real-world social gaming

By Editor July 15, 2016



Totem is a mix between a social network and a game that allows users to send challenges back and forth, and then post a picture or video of themselves completing those challenges for everyone to see. This way we have social accountability, meaning that other people being able to see your goal can put the pressure on you to actually complete it. The goals range from wacky things like ‘take a selfie with a stranger’ to more self-improvement challenges like ‘eat a healthy meal.’ The types of goals that you receive are dependent on your personal preferences. In addition to friends being able to send challenges to you, the app itself will select goals that it knows you will enjoy based on your interests and goal completion history. Totem seeks to help people get out and active in the real-world, and sets out to mend the large disconnect between social networks and reality that we see today. Whether you want to add some more meaning to your life, make the world a better place, be a better you, or just add a little fun to your day, Totem is right for you and your friends.