Featured Startup Pitch: Sniptracker – A personal news dashboard built to go beyond the limits of RSS and social media

By Editor April 15, 2016

COMPANY: Sniptracker


Sniptracker is a personal news dashboard that has been designed to give you relevant, fast and unified access to dynamic content on the web. It is different from other products on the market in its unique ability to follow the content that is not readily available as part of a RSS feed or social media channel.


What can it do for you?

Sniptracker offers you a unique service to follow snippets from other websites. A snippet is either a snapshot of a part of a web page (Snipshot), or customizable structured data of a part of a web page (Smartsnip), or subscription to an existing feed.

With Sniptracker you can:
– follow the preferred source of information–follow the national weather forecast instead of the predefined provider;
– follow specific text and numbers from a webpage–track when a product is back in stock, see how much funds your favorite Kickstarter project has acquired, or monitor the current air temperature and the pollution level;
– create a feed quickly from a list of items on a website using the Smartsnip technology–follow Editor’s Choice, job search results, real estate market.

It is also easy to create a specialized dashboard for one topic where you join the information from multiple websites. The possibilities are endless.

How it works

You collect snippets by going to a website and selecting a part of the page with a special bookmark. This part of the webpage can then be integrated into your dashboard and updated every time you visit Sniptracker.

The Sniptracker service allows you to add the content in three different ways. Smartsnip extracts the information from the web page and allows you to customize it before producing a snippet that scales excellently on all devices. For more complex content we recommend using Snipshot which produces a snapshot of a given part of the page including its styling and layout. Sniptracker also fully supports Atom and RSS feeds like any other feed reader and automatically detects available feeds from a given website.
Sniptracker dashboard is optimized for mobile devices and works with all modern browsers. Adding the content works on all devices as well but we do recommend using a tablet or a desktop computer as it is easier to capture the content on bigger screens.

Sign up at Sniptracker.com to start snipping and having fun. If the free plan is not enough for you, paid plans start at $5 per month.


With start pages, dashboards and RSS readers you can only follow the content for which a gadget has been made or RSS is available.

Sniptracker offers a simple way to capture and follow ANY content on public websites. This gives YOU the power to decide what to follow and you do not leave this decision to the website owners or the gadget makers.


Mitja has been a software developer since he was a teenager. He is the author of a popular CDCheck software that has been translated into over 20 languages. He left his job as a chief software architect in a software development company to pursue the dream of making the Sniptracker project a reality and to help people follow only the information they need or wish to follow.

HEADQUARTERS: Ljubljana, Slovenia

WEBSITE: sniptracker.com

FOUNDER: Mitja Perko

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


TWITTER: @sniptracker

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/sniptracker