Vyking launches ReactivAds: Ads that react to your facial expressions

By Editor April 15, 2016

– Ultra-personalized ads based on live facial expression analysis via the user’s webcam
– Maximise user engagement through a fun and interactive ad experience
– Introducing emotion as a new KPI for video advertising effectiveness

Berlin, 14th April 2016. Vyking today announced the launch of ReactivAds; a suite of interactive video ad formats leveraging emotion, facial and gesture recognition via any device’s embedded webcam (opt-in, of course).

Using cutting-edge deep learning technology, co-founder and CTO Stephan Klimpke, explains “the tech we have in place provides a robust way to measure facial expressions in real-time. We will deploy this technology first in new ad formats, where we see huge potential for disruption.”

Digital lends itself to interactivity. Video advertising has long been considered the most effective way of delivering the most impactful advertising experience. Now let’s consider digital platforms as capable of not just delivering a strong message but also bringing the consumer into the ad experience.

Digital video ad formats are ripe for change.

Co-founder and brother, Matthew Klimpke explains, “we are the only video advertising platform capable of delivering ads with facial expression analysis. Emotional engagement will become the new KPI of advertising effectiveness”. Vyking offers two new ad formats – reactive, where the content changes based on the user’s facial expressions and traits and immersive, where the user becomes part of the advertising experience.

This is the next evolution in digital advertising, where formats can leverage the power of in-built cameras on practically every device. Digital video will make the transition from passive to active and creative can really start to explore beyond the realms of the standard 30-second pre-roll format.

Vyking will be heading to the US for Collision Conference from 26th-28th April to showcase its tech.

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About Vyking:
Vyking is an integrated video ad tech and emotion analytics platform providing ad serving solutions, trading solutions and advertising formats to both publishers and advertisers. Vyking is based in both London (where the R&D team is based) and Berlin. For more information visit http://www.vyking.io