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By Editor May 7, 2015

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Make things happen. Every day.


Crowdwish is a space where you can post the things you most desire in the world; whatever they may be. Products, experiences, advice, causes you believe in, services. Anything.

The site just asks users to complete the statement ‘I wish….’ in a hundred characters or less.

If that was all it offered, then fine, but probably kind of pointless. Flaky and vague. Bit ‘dreamcatcher’.

The difference is this. Every day, at 6pm GMT, we take action against the most popular wish of the day, in the real world. These actions can be anything, but they are always fresh, imaginative and meaningful. So if people wish for help for those sleeping on the streets, we deliver food to the homeless. If they wish for tickets for a festival, we create a competition with the organisers. If they wish for help with anxiety, we provide expert advice. Etc etc.

One action a day, for the last 437 days.

The reaction – although we are still small – has been amazing. I know it sounds totally ridiculous but many, many people have talked about the site as a place that restores their faith in humanity.


Bill Griffin, various roles in advertising, marketing and television, including Kiss FM, Channel 4 UK and Viacom Inc.

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