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By Editor February 2, 2015

Everytap-logoCOMPANY: Everytap

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Get rewarded for having fun. Everytap lets users enjoy their time out more by rewarding them for visits and orders at favorite entertainment venues. It drives foot traffic at physical locations and boosts loyalty as well as volume of transactions. Everytap is also a great way for producers to promote their products at partnering venues while remotely managing sales and deals.

Everytap will make it easy to pay for ordered products without taking wallet, card or even phone out of a pocket. This will make hanging out at favorite venues just like visiting a friend’s party. How awesome!

Everytap aims to enhance the experience at participating venues, not to automate the service and replace staff with a mobile app like competitors. It is one of the first apps in the world to take advantage of iBeacon, and plans to work as much in the background as possible.

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HEADQUARTERS: Gdansk, Poland


FOUNDERS: Everytap is a small team working out of Gdansk in Poland. It’s made mostly of graphics and UX designers focused on building a new, iBeacon powered, mobile loyalty program called Everytap. Here’s a fun fact—the team is led by a guy who is a veterinary doctor.


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