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By Editor February 2, 2015

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PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: The simplest way to schedule a time to meet. Pick is a scheduling product that eliminates the back-and-forth of finding a time to meet with contacts. Pick shows real-time mutual availabilities by comparing calendars of other Pick users. Pick is currently available via desktop and mobile web, as well as an iPhone app.

Michael Selepec and Ryan Mindigo felt the pains of scheduling meetings for years and always knew there should be a better solution. The tipping point was when the company they worked for at the time, Yammer, was acquired by Microsoft. Recruiters started reaching out to them quite often, and many of them would write out blocks of times they were available for a call. They knew right then there must be a more efficient and productive way to schedule meetings. So they created Pick. Below are some of the key benefits of using Pick:

-Pick shows real-time availabilities of other Pick users, further eliminating the back-and-forth to find a meeting time.

-We offer a mobile app so that you can create and send meeting invites while on the go, instead of waiting to get back to your desktop/laptop.

-We offer personalized URLs (i.e. so that you can quickly and easily share your availability with non-users.

-The founders’ background having experienced the growth of Yammer from sub-20 employees to the exit by Microsoft of $1.2 billion.

-Pick is available via desktop and mobile web as well as an iPhone app. We currently support Gmail and will support Exchange and iCloud in the near future, allowing it to be platform agnostic and surfacing availabilities from different calendar platforms.

-Pick works with non-users as well by sharing your personalized URL.

-We are focused on our core competency, which is scheduling. Other products are trying to be Swiss Army Knives and do too much at once. We are laser-focused on scheduling and only scheduling.

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FOUNDERS: Pick’s founders were all very early Yammer employees (#17, #21, #35). Ryan Mindigo is the CEO, Michael Selepec is the COO and Matthew Eernissee is the engineering lead. Ryan and Michael rose through the ranks to become sales directors at Yammer, and Matt was a star engineering lead who created the Geddy Web Development framework for node.js. Michael helped open the Yammer London office and built the corporate sales team overseas. Michael has always had a passion for design, and leads our product and design efforts. Ryan leads strategy and recruiting.





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