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By Editor January 28, 2015

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PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Turning social capital into startup capital. TrustLeaf helps early-stage startup founders get funding from the people who believe in them most—their friends and family. With funding campaigns that anyone familiar with crowdfunding would understand, TrustLeaf lets entrepreneurs turn their social capital into startup capital.

Friends-and-family loans can be the best source of funding for startup founders. Why? Not only are these loans often the most accessible source of funding, but they protect founder equity and require very little legal effort.

TrustLeaf’s friends-and-family loans platform automatically creates custom loan documents and makes repayment planning a breeze. Online signatures, 24/7 document hosting and repayment reminders make it easy to keep your supporters up-to-date. Avoid awkward conversations, unprofessional verbal agreements or expensive attorneys.

TrustLeaf uses personal loans, rather than dilution of equity, to help startups achieve a successful Seed funding round.

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HEADQUARTERS: Sunnyvale, California



Anson Liang is the founder and CEO of TrustLeaf. Anson is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in product management, technology and marketing. He has co-founded two consumer-facing Internet companies, led a hardware startup to achieve multi-million dollar revenue in just nine months, and was the senior PM at an ecommerce mobile app with major clients including Nordstrom, REI, and L.L.Bean. Graduate of the Founder Institute.

Daniel Lieser is co-founder and head of business development at TrustLeaf. Daniel is extremely passionate about finding, using, and creating data to inform every type of decision, especially those decisions that at first glance seem to be incompatible with quantifiable data. He brings four years of experience in B2B sales and small business marketing, most recently at Yelp.


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