SlimSelfie invention seeks support on Kickstarter: Portable, lightweight design enables selfies any time, any place

By Editor March 15, 2016

Fumbling with a bulky, oversized selfie stick will come to an end with the innovative SlimSelfie,™ which is sleek and discreet. It is a smartphone case, selfie stick, and battery pack system combined. Portable and thin, this new selfie device folds up neatly against the back of a specially equipped and protective phone case. The lightweight stick is Bluetooth activated and extends 12 inches (for iPhone 6/6s) and 15 inches (for iPhone 6/6s plus), offering users the perfect length to photograph themselves in front of their preferred background. Because SlimSelfie is stored against a smartphone, it can easily be used any time, any place.

Great while traveling and during group gatherings, SlimSelfie’s 12-inch and 15-inch extensions enable users to include large backdrops or big groups not normally attainable at arm’s length. The convenient battery pack module, an optional add-on that is perfect for those on-the-go, is interchangeable with the flat selfie stick and can be snapped on to the back of the smartphone case. A flat back panel can also be attached when all you need is a sleek protective case. This patented modular system is the first of its kind.

SlimSelfie is constructed from engineering grade glass filled injection molded plastic, making for a strong and sturdy stick that won’t break. When folded, the flat stick is only .25 inches in height. The battery pack also snaps on to the back of the smartphone case base, which is rated at 1,500 mhz, giving the user an 85% boost in battery usage. When attached, the battery pack is also only .25 inches in height. All modular units are available in black, white, grey and gold. SlimSelfie cases for other smartphones will be produced in the future.

SlimSelfie is now available on for a limited time only at Kickstarter discounted prices. To learn more about the project, go directly to the SlimSelfie project page here:

Visit the official SlimSelfie website at

About the Inventors

SlimSelfie™ was invented by George Youlios, a New Jersey native with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, and advertising. His business partner, George Podd is a world class industrial designer and past recipient of the coveted IDSA gold medal award. You may recognize George from Shark Tank where he successfully negotiated a deal to bring Power Decals to market. The two graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design, respectively.