Smart product makers and users can sign up for beta testing of Swittch app, which connects the two groups in a new way

By Editor March 15, 2016

A new mobile platform, Swittch, is designed to connect smart product makers with early customers and to keep users informed on what’s happening in the industry all in one place. The team behind Swittch is looking for makers and users to participate in iOS app beta testing for this new platform.

The Swittch team created this app in an effort to showcase the launched innovative products from startups, crowd-funding platforms and established brands. In addition, the team has the goal of sharing the rich stories behind these products and trends in the industry that excite and inspire.

“Swittch wants to connect makers with early customers in a completely new way by bringing a 360-degree view around products and latest innovations” said Agrima of the Swittch team.

Swittch is taking a two-pronged approach to achieving its goals. First, it shares cutting-edge products, along with their makers and stories. Second, it shares latest trends and patterns that are shaping the new products and future of things. Under the hood, Swittch is using web crawling, text mining, taxonomies and machine learning to bring the most relevant content to its users.

“Swittch offers a great benefit to all makers to showcase their products through a gorgeous user interface. Some very successful makers have signed up and participated in the product development journey,” added Agrima.

At this stage, the team behind Swittch has announced its registration for iOS app beta testing. Makers who register their products during the beta test phase will have no fee to pay. All products entered will undergo a qualification check before being accepted.

Makers can register their products and gain access to the app beta test by visiting Users can register their email for the app beta test on This offer is on a first come, first served basis.

About Swittch

Swittch wants to share smart products and latest innovations & trends with the people most interested in them. It gives makers of smart products a space where they can easily gain exposure for their products while maintaining direct control and ownership. It also gathers the latest trends and patterns to share with users.