The Lightning Pitch: Munkee, useful, innovating & entertaining apps for any event

By Tim Hinchliffe June 16, 2017
instagram app

Company: Munkee

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

Founding Team: Gym enthusiasts and innovators Hector Lopez, Eddy Homez and Omar Arambula.

Why we like it: Because it fills in the gaps of our technological society. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, where there’s a need, there’s an app.. Well almost. If the app’s not available yet, Munkee might be the one hopping to it.

Munkee is a mobile application business that provides useful, innovative and entertaining apps for any event. That’s exactly what they say on their website. And that’s exactly what they do. Whether the innovative founders, Lopez, Homez and Arambula are at the gym, on the train, walking to the shops or grabbing a bite to eat, they’re noticing what our technological society is missing. And what better way to give it to them than with a quick and easy app users can carry around on their phone wherever they go.

To give examples, Munkee currently provides three apps: Instasize, Instasize video, and Trainsmart. Instasize and Instasize video are pretty self explanatory. How did the idea come about? Simple; there was a need. With 400 million daily active users  on Instagram, more than enough people were in need to a sizing app to fit their photos in Instagram’s square paradigms.  And who better to come up with the idea than Instragram users themselves?

With over 200 million downloads to-date, Instasize is adding various beauty features to its arsenal, making it the only real “all-in-one” photo and video editing app.

Trainsmart is a little different. This one is targeted specifically for gym enthusiasts and fit-conscious people. It is a workout timer that tracks the entire workout. It aims to help the user improve their workout and reach their fitness goals in a smarter and more efficient manner without wasting their time at the gym. So who better to come up with this idea than gym goers themselves.

That’s the beauty of Munkee. With creative founders, living lives like you and I, they can see the needs arising in society and step in to do something about it.