JoJo is creating a cooperative network of indie coffee shops supporting local business

By Tim Hinchliffe June 21, 2017
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Vancouver-based coffee ordering platform JoJo is creating a cooperative network of independent coffee shops that bands together local businesses.

With plans to expand into major cities in the US, JoJo’s goal is to build a platform that is highly interactive for users that makes them want to keep coming back while establishing a network of independent coffee shops that can rival the mega chains.

“We are creating a network of independent coffee shops where customers will be able to earn rewards on every single order, regardless of the cafe they place the order at, and redeem them at any of our partner locations,” said Founder and CEO Vivek Zaveri.

From a customer standpoint, JoJo’s coffee ordering app allows users to place orders remotely, so they can pick up their coffee fresh and hot from their favorite local cafes without having to wait in line.

Its rewards program allows users to earn 2 virtual beans for every dollar spent, and after collecting 120 beans, customers are rewarded with $5 that is redeemable at any JoJo partner coffee shop.

There are approximately 24,000 local coffee shops in the US, which is almost double the amount of Starbucks locations at about 12,900 cafes, making independent coffee shops the biggest competition to the mega chain.

However, since Starbucks is a mega-chain, all of its coffee shops are united under a single banner while local cafes usually go-it-alone in terms of networking as they are, by definition, independent.

With JoJo’s cooperative network of local vendors, baristas, and shops, there is a strength in unity that stands against being divided and conquered.

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JoJo CEO and Founder Vivek Zaveri

“While our partners all retain their individual style and neighborhood vibe, they are still a part of a bigger collective that offers scale and convenience to the customer,” added Zaveri.

Is a coffee pickup app something different that nobody has done?

Not by a long shot.

Is a coffee pickup app with a rewards program that is part of an overall networking platform uniting independent coffee shops something truly original?

Most definitely!


“There are plenty of mobile ordering and payment apps on the market,” says the CEO, but, “none offer a technology platform that features a cooperative network of small businesses.”