Zeqr brings a more humanizing component to global knowledge sharing economy

By Tim Hinchliffe June 26, 2017

Online knowledge sharing hubs have been around for awhile, but while their platforms consist of pre-recorded classes, new kids on the block, Zeqr, have created a platform where seekers of knowledge can interact directly with the “Xperts” in real-time.

One of the many complaints about online courses is that they have become so diluted that almost anyone can claim to be an expert without proper vetting.

That’s why Zeqr’s Xperts and students are given an in-depth vetting service to ensure the best possible fit. This means that users all over the world can book time with leading experts across a wide range of categories and interests.

The global sharing hub has a rigorous 4-tier system for weeding out novices who claim they know more than they do while holding on to only the most qualified experts in their fields.

Tier 1 experts include those who are have a high profile in the public eye with strong social proof — the Guy Kawasakis of the world.

Tier 2 includes experts who are just as knowledgeable as Tier 1, but don’t have the massive social proof — the lesser-known geniuses.

Tier 3 is where you find all the tenured professors of the world with decades of experience.

Tier 4 is a bit harder to pin down, but these experts fall more in line with the 24-year-old entrepreneurs who have had successful businesses and are able to share their knowledge about what’s happening in their industries right now.

Because of Zeqr’s rigorous vetting methods, Zeqr’s VP of Client Services Estefania Leon says there are still thousands of candidates waiting to be verified.

The platform is truly unique as there are no other platforms that offer peer-to-peer, real-time sessions and courses along with service offerings on a wide range of subjects. Many experts and industry leaders know their field very well but have no idea how to connect with an audience, especially on a monetized basis. So often, they just share their knowledge for free on sites such as Youtube.

Daniel Hedlund, COO at zeqr

“Zeqr is a mission to revolutionize the way people share knowledge across the globe,” said Daniel Hedlund, Zeqr’s COO. “The world is full of experts and inquisitive individuals, but often the two remain disconnected, particularly when their interests converge over a niche subject.”

With the new platform, experts are able to develop a new source of income that also allows students to be mentored and taught by individuals who are at the cutting edge of their industry or subject.

The knowledge sharing hub currently boasts renowned experts such as Guy Kawasaki, Brittany Watson Jepsen, Evan Kirstel, and Tayo Jackson.

In fact Guy Kawasaki was one of the first advocates of Zeqr even before it officially launched, and if anyone can sense a good product early-on, it’s Kawasaki.

“I cannot wait to see the impact Zeqr has on people seeking new knowledge as well as experts trying to impart their expertise and advice across the globe,” said Kawasaki.

How it works:

Students on Zeqr can search from various class-offerings and book a session directly with an Xpert. This could be delivered one-to-one, one-to-many, live video sessions, and is for anyone that is looking to improve their knowledge or learn a specific skill. This could be anything from how to learn Chinese, to how to growth-hack a startup.

Currently, Zeqr lists 600 classes with approximately 450 experts, 150 of which are technology-based.

“Zeqr is unique”, added COO Hedlund. “It will change how knowledge is exchanged on a global level, which we hope in turn will lead to a more knowledgeable and better-informed world.”