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By Tim Hinchliffe September 13, 2016

Starting a business from scratch isn’t straightforward, it takes courage and perseverance. Once you’ve got over the first set of hurdles and launched your startup, then you’ve got to make it a success and you need all the support you can get.

The incredible surge in startups and business entrepreneurs means it’s increasingly difficult for new innovators to shine through the crowd, regardless of how great their idea or service is.

Luckily, the startup community is an inclusive one and those with experience are willing to share their knowledge with those that are just beginning. Rest assured, there are many services and businesses out there that will help your brand new business get off the ground.


VentureRadar is basically online dating for companies. It match-makes corporate clients with innovators who specialize in the tech they need.

The service gives new startups the exposure, customers and partners that are so crucial for the success of their business. It uses big data tools to navigate the huge amount of open data being released on the internet, looking for ‘signals’ or ‘clues’ being left by new and up and coming companies as they set up their enterprise.

VentureRadar offers a free search engine with more than 200K up and coming companies, and for clients who want to dive deeper, the company offers specific custom search projects. In 2015, they connected more than 5000 companies to clients over a range of industries.

If you’re short on contacts, use VentureRadar’s matchmaking search engine and you never know who you might end up with.


Like VentureRadar, UpRamp also maximizes the chances of success for startups by connecting them to the world’s largest and most powerful network. It skillfully connects startups and cable operators to develop innovative ideas.

“UpRamp from CableLabs is about helping startups to establish themselves, make connections and secure deals from leading companies in the cable industry,” adds CableLabs CEO Phil McKinney. “We help them innovate and forge ahead in this huge cable industry and, at the same time, connect cable companies all over the world with next generation thinkers.”

UpRamp is different to traditional startup accelerators in that it targets companies who have already built their technology and are ready to sign actual commercial deals.

The UpRamp Fiterator program is grad school for startups.  A 3 month program that gets you Product/Market Fit in the global cable industry, funding to keep the project rolling, and real paying customers.

The key to success for startups is all about immersion within the industry and visibility in order to find the clients and deals that will enable business to grow and without the right resources and support, this can be a huge challenge.

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